"...with God, nothing is impossible" (Matthew 19:26).
Here are promises from the Word of God that you can claim whenever you need a miracle answer to prayer....

     For every one that asketh receiveth: and he that seeketh findeth: and to him that knocketh it shall be opened (Matthew 7:8).

     If ye then, being evil, know how to give goods gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him? (Matthew 7:11).

     If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say into this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you (Matthew 17:20).

     Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven (Matthew 18:19).

     If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it (John 14:14).

     Whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you (John 15:16).
    The Lord is always alert to us and ready to give to us. He knows what we need and  what we want - the Lord knows everything about us. But until we ask for what we want and need, the Lord is limited in how much he can do for us. It's as if our unwillingness to ask (or our forgetfulness) actually close us to receiving the specific help we need, the particular desire we cherish.
The Scriptures remind us again and again to ask for what we need. Decades after Jesus died, one of his disciples wrote: "We have this confidence in him; that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us in regard to whatever we ask, we know that what we have asked him for is ours" (1 John 5:14-15).

     Followers of Jesus ask confidently. Whatever a follower needs, whether small and concrete such as a new possession or large and expanding such as a spiritual quality, the follower can ask for it with confidence. This confidence is possible because we know that the Lord will give what is truly good for us and never what is bad for us. We, like children of a wise parent, can express our wishes freely to him, knowing our requests will be sifted so only the best will come to us.

     Jesus said that we don't need to worry about tomorrow, because if we love him enough to want to be close to him (to live in his kingdom in this life), then all we need to do is "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you." Then Jesus gave further assurances that asking what brings the good gifts. (See Matthew 7:7-11)

     Why doesn't the Lord just simplify things and always give us exactly what we need and want? It's because our faith-life is about relationship, the relationship between us and the Lord. All relationships require openness. 

Asking the Lord for every need has two results: We grow closer to the Lord, and we depend more on the Lord than on other people or circumstances. 

Asking the Lord for every need has two results: We grow closer to the Lord, and we depend more on the Lord than on other people or circumstances. 

Asking the Lord for every single thing brings us into constant communication with him. The Lord will be delighted. So will we.

     Let us remember that we can ask for more than concrete gifts. We are also urged to ask for guidance from the Lord. Many times we are quite willing to give our own effort to creating beautiful events or positive qualities in our lives, but we do not know how to do it. Sometimes we are already serving the Lord and others, but we need insight and direction to do it well.

      The first step in revitalizing our relationship with Jesus is to ask him for it. We tell the Lord that we want a revitalized relationship with him. Then we follow up by asking for everything else we need. Everything.

     "Whoever believes in me will perform the same works as I do myself, and will perform even greater works, because I am going to the Father" (John 14:12).

    Witnessing for Christ in Our Lives     


My retina was tearing and peeling off in a couple of weeks I would have been totally blind. Who found it? Jesus through an optician who fits lenses. Remember His promise "even if your mother forgets you I will not forget you". He has an account of every hair on my head. Not one will fall to the ground without His permission. My retina was welded by an Ophthalmologist just in time. I am grateful to God who keeps to His promises. 
(Terry Fernando, 33 Wilkins Street, Yagoona, NSW)


I have a son-in-law who is a violent husband. After 9 years of their life I realized what my daughter has been going through. The sacrifices she made for her 4 children without her husband's assistance. He had no permanent job and he used to gamble and drink. When he was drunk, he used to bash his wife, and the kids. My daughter never said any thing, and kept it to herself in order to avoid interference and trouble. She was here in Australia last year, that's when we all knew. After a year she went back home as she was concerned for the children who were left behind. After 2 months, the trouble started again and this time it was even worse. So my daughter and her children ran away and was placed under the care of the police authority. For a month or more her husband never stopped searching for them, finally he found them and asked forgiveness, and to start a new life. He made a promise to God, and asked God to forgive him. With our strong faith in the Lord our prayers were answered and he found a permanent job, and became a devoted member of the couples for Christ as well. I thank and praise the Lord for the things that happened. 
(Consullo Hardalaza, Farnell St, Chester Hill)


In 1985, our little Theresa was born - at 6 months she had a heart operation. After the operation she was brain damage, and was paralyzed. The doctors gave up hope. When Theresa came to the C2TW Charismatic Prayer Meeting, she was crawling, and could not speak. Doctors pronounced their verdict, that this child would never talk or walk. Meeting Bro Terry the leader of the prayer group who told us, that the child will live to walk and talk, if we believed in Jesus. We came to believe in Jesus and trusted Him. The miracle took place. She began to walk and talk normally. Today she is 21 years old, and has graduated at the Tafe and a zealous worker of the Lord. We thank God. 
(Habib & Jacqueline, 7 Cragg St Bankstown)


My 12 year old daughter was retarded. She could hardly keep her head straight, she walked with a stagger and could not do anything on her own. We began to trust in the Lord. The Lord said all things are possible for those who believe. We believed so much after the first meeting. We went to see the doctor and he stopped all the medications. The Divine Healer took over from then on. Today she attends the C2TW Charismatic Prayer Group, and can recite a decade of the Rosary by herself. She goes to school by bus on her own, and even looks after her brother while I am out. 
(Lena Apolinario, Double Bay)


When I was 41 years old, I was taken to a C2TW Charismatic Prayer Meeting, I had been in an accident and I found it hard to walk. The doctors had tried everything to get me walking, but failed. I was an alcoholic as I did not believe, I will be healed. The time for healing came, and when they laid their hands on me, I was moved to tears and the healing took place. A week later, I took my first steps, and I am still walking today. I praise and thank God for healing me. 
(Enso Merciadez, 9 Andrew Ave, Toongabbie)


I damaged my back in December 1990. I was told about a healing service, and healing prayers were said for me. On the 1st January 1991 Paul Myers, one of the leaders of the C2TW Charismatic Prayer Group prayed over me, and my back was completely healed. I praise and thank you Lord. (Maureen Isa, 112 Eucalyptus Drive, Macquarie Field, NSW)


29 years ago I was dying of brain cancer. The doctors gave me 3 months to live. I came to the Lord, who is alive and with us all the days of our life. I promised to spend the rest of my life reaching out to the poor, needy, and the hungry, I promised to work for him, teaching religion in the public schools and what ever the Lord wants me to do. The operation took place at the Sydney Hospital in 1977 and it took almost 8 hours. After the 8 hours of microsurgery I came out completely healed and normal. Today I keep to my promise, and living every bit of my time left, in the new lease of life that he has given me. I praise and thank the Lord for giving me a second change of life. (Terry Fernando, 33 Wilkins Street, Yagoona, NSW)


I suffered nearly for year and visited a very renounced physician and I had no cure but at my first C2TW Charismatic Prayer Meeting I was cured miraculously. Since then the pain disappeared. I praise the Lord and thank him well for healing me. (Wueen Johnpulle 96321004 Guildford)


I was dying of a heart attack. I had a collapsed aorta, and several blocked arteries. Doctors refused to operate, as it was too risky. I was given two months to live, although not a catholic, I believed in Lord Jesus and prayed with the group. I week later on my request, I underwent a double heart by-pass operation which was successful. Today I am a living miracle. Thank you my Lord. (Lilian Fleming, 55/5 Rawson St Willy Park, NSW)


I was dying of a heart problem, and was bleeding internally. According to the doctors, I was the first person to survive this problems. An emergency C2TW Charismatic Prayer Meeting was held, and the Lord touched me, and I was healed, and Mary who interceded relentlessly on our behalf. Today I am normal, and my family and I have come back to God. (Tokay Place, Adelida Consungi Claymore)


I came to the C2TW  Charismatic Prayer Meeting after I had been in an industrial accident, and hurt my right arm which was badly damaged, the Doctors could not help me. Soon I was out of work. At the meeting I felt the presence of Jesus. I was asked to raise my right hand in the name of Jesus. I hesitated, and suddenly for the first time I did. A few weeks later I was employed as a security officer of the Prisons Department, at Long Bay. I have nothing but praises for the Lord. I found Jesus and He is alive. (Anton Sri Mahal, Willy Park, NSW)


I have suffered from incurable asthma all my life. I have reports from many, doctors telling me not to waste money and time. My problem was pronounced incurable. That is when I heard about the Divine healing, that's going around from home to home by a Charismatic Prayer Group called "Christ to the World". I attended few meetings and I was completely healed of my asthma and respiratory problems. My health began to improve. Today I have come closer to God, and I am an active member of  the C2TW Charismatic Prayer Group  transporting 15-20 sick people, and others who wish to attend the meetings. (Russel Berranger)


We are Hindus. My twins had incurable eczema, doctors could not cure. We kept moving from house to house, avoiding dust problems. My twins both 3 years old, scratched their hands and legs, until they bled. Our doctor contacted Bro Terry, and he told us that he will visit late about 9pm. My wife and I fasted the whole day, no water and no food. We believed, Lord Jesus was coming with Bro Terry, and sister Marie. It was around 11pm that night, when they arrived. Bro assured me that Jesus will touch my children, and they will be healed. He explained what the Holy Eucharist is all about. We believed that Jesus touched our kids, and they were healed. Thank you God. (Raju - Pendle Hill 0413092150)


I came to the C2TW Charismatic Prayer Meetings in 1982 along with my parents. I attended quite a few meetings. My doctor said I had a bad heart tumor. I was going down in my health and could not take part in my school activities. Since coming to Jesus I was touched at one of the prayer meetings. I was healed by Jesus. Now I am a karate black belt champion. Thank you Jesus, your promises are real. You are certainly real and alive with us just as promised. (Elivira Grasso, Bankstown, NSW)


I attended a C2TW Charismatic Prayer Meeting at Quakers Hill. I'm a Buddhist and I often cried to Bro Terry, telling him the sad story about my family. No one loved or cared for the other, and I underwent a lot of stress and unhappiness. Little by little our family changed when we came close to God. We all became Catholics, Mum, Dad and 3 children.We now can see the difference. We thank God for changing our lives. (Surangie - Quakers Hill 96262090)


I was on my way to work, when I was knocked down by a 4 wheel drive, which took off, and both my legs were very badly damaged. An operation was done on me, leaving me with metal pins screws and plates, and doctors gave me no assurance I will walk again. But Jesus did, He said all things are possible if you can believe. I came to a C2TW Charismatic Prayer meeting where Bro Terry and the others laid hands on me, and prayed that I will walk again and will go back to work. I am walking again, I thank God, and gone back to work. I will praise my God always. (Ginette - Punchbowl 97857580)


I had a work related accident, when I was working for Qantas. They put me on workers comp. I needed crutches to walk and had a very painful back. I dragged myself to a C2TW Charismatic Prayer Meeting conducted by Bro Terry at Campbeltown. Bro Terry had one look at me and said, Jesus tells me your faith in Him has healed you, soon you will be walking, and will not need the crutches. Just as he said I threw the crutches away, and was employed within 4 weeks. The words of Jesus "for those who believe all things are possible" is real and no joke. I thank Jesus. (Hilary Leumeah 46257761)


Our baby was born without the 2 pupils in his eyes. Doctor after examinations pronounced the dreadful diagnosis that the child will never see or talk. That evening we brought him to the C2TW Charismatic Prayer Meeting in Auburn. Many began to cry on hearing the plight or our only child JAY JAY. Bro Terry assured the promise of Jesus (Matthew 19:18) ...if two of you agree on anything that you pray for on this earth, that prayer my heavenly Father will grant. Today this child is 12 years old, and goes to a normal school, he talks, sings and even plays the keyboard. No one can believe that this is the same child. I want the whole world to know our God is an awesome God. (Dodge Tungul Auburn 96464057)


We had a C2TW Charismatic Prayer Meeting in our house, and I was asked by Bro Terry, if I believed in complete healing of my problem. I responded most certainly. Many people attended the prayer group, including a lady with breast cancer who was healed at the same time, as Bro Terry started to pray on me, some thing marvelous happened. The pain I had for 3 years continually, disappeared. I have now come closer to God. What a great God we have. (Serra Eschol Park 98201905)


When Carla was healed her faith became strong in the Lord. Bro Terry said, "Whatever you ask the Father in my name, He will give it to you, provided you believe that you have already received what you asked for". I have been suffering from migraine headaches for over 10 years. At the same moment they were praying with the group - 5.30 pm on Sunday afternoon I woke up feeling better, and for the first time in years I began to do my school work, which I have continued to do. That day the Lord touched me. Thank you my Lord. (Marcella Costelli, Baulkam Hills)


After a serious car accident, I was advised for microsurgery by my doctor, who did not give me much hope of a complete recovery. I attended many Prayer Meetings on crutches. My faith in Him was strong, and Bro Terry said, "ask my Father whatever you wish in His name and my Father will give it to you". I began to improve rapidly. Now I am able to drive a car and walk without crutches. Praise the Lord for His goodness. (Done Mc Gee, Belmore - NSW)


We had many family problems for some time. In May 1990 through counseling and healing prayers by the leaders of the C2TW Charismatic Prayer Group, the Lord healed all our problems. Thank God, there is peace and harmony in our family now. (Edmundo & Merlinda 2/7 Deane St, Burwood, NSW)


My father was dying of adrenal cancer. We were resigned to God's will. My father refused to believe God and the sacraments of the Church. We called C2TW Charismatic Prayer Group to organize a prayer meeting in our home. He was not able to come to the living room, so we had a speaker connected to his room while the meeting was in progress. Jesus was really alive in our house. Jesus touched my father, and half way through the prayer meeting, he joined in the rosary. He made his confession, received the sacraments and died a very peaceful death the week following. We have a saint in heaven. All praise and thanks to God, who walks with sinful people like us. (The Pedavoil family, Concord Rd, Concord, NSW)


My wife and I were touched by God  when we attended the C2TW Charismatic Prayer Meeting and attended most of the Sunday meetings all over Sydney. I am an asthmatic patient for over 20 years. I came to the C2TW Charismatic Prayer Meeting and asked for many favors and received them all. I never ever prayed for a healing from asthma, but I was healed from that. I believed what Bro Terry said at every prayer meeting. Set your eye on the kingdom of God, and my Father will add to you, all your needs even without you asking Him. I went home and threw all my medications in the garbage bin, and never needed them again. Thank you Lord, and my God. 
(Alex & Pining Delparado, Chapple Rd, Sth Bankstown, NSW)


I had a stroke and could not walk, and also could not raise one arm. My faith was very weak and my family asked for a C2TW Charismatic Prayer Meeting in my home...I did not like the idea. I was going to be there only as an observer. To prove my point, I had a can of beer in my hand, while the others prayed  for me. When Bro Terry asked the crowd "do you believe that Jesus can heal you Guiseffi, they all replied yes, my eyes filled with tears, I was asked to raise my hand in the name of Jesus and I could not believe, I was able to do it. I was healed by Jesus on that day and I began to believe in Jesus. He loved me even when I refused to believe in Him. (Guiseffi Natori, Merrylands, Sth NSW)


I came to the C2TW Charismatic Prayer Meeting when I heard of the miraculous things Jesus was performing. My sister in Sri Lanka had been rejected permanent residence, on account of her cancer. The leader of the prayer group rang Sheila in Sri Lanka and asked her to pray in Spirit, at the exact time of the meeting in Sydney. She was asked to make her confession and communion the day before, as a thanksgiving for the healing of cancer. She passed the medical examinations, and was passed by the Australian embassy to migrate to Australia. We praise you the Lord the impossible is possible with you. I keep asking myself why do we come to Jesus, only when every one else fails us. 
  (Therese Batholomeuz, Campbelltown, NSW)


Our 11 year old son, Savrin suffered brain damage whilst escaping from Poland. Due to this one leg, which stopped growing. When we heard about Jesus being alive, and healing like in Galilee, we were there in no time. Doctors had no cure as an operation could worsen the situation. We were distressed and began to hop in Jesus, who said "I will never leave you orphaned". We believed that Savrin would be healed, and today both his legs are the same length, and he is one of the fastest runners in the school. The doctors cannot explain. Thank you God my Saviour. (Savrin Bourkewich, 135 Greenacre Parade, Greenacre, NSW)


Ambulance took me to the Concord Hospital, and I was admitted. The neuro surgeon Doctor, Ianicus diagnosed a serious nerve damage, that needed a risky operation. The operation was set for Monday morning. We are Hindus, on Sunday night Bro Terry and some members of the C2TW Charismatic Prayer Group arrived at the hospital and asked me if I believed that Jesus could heal me. He brought with him the Holy Eucharist, and explained that Jesus is in the Holy Eucharist, and a touch of Jesus was all that was required with my belief. Jesus touched me, I cried and I believed. The next morning when the nurses came to prepare me for the operation I was walking. Doctors could not believe. Three days later I was discharged. My family and I, became Catholics. We believe in a God who is alive and keeps to His promises. 
 (Keshani Radhakrishnan, Eastwood, 98584397)


My wife and I came to a C2TW Charismatic Prayer Meeting at Campbelltown. My wife was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer. Bro Terry asked if we believed that God can change the situation. We were asked to get another biopsy on Friday, and believe in a miracle. We were told of the incredible power of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, every one Jesus touched in Judea and Galilee was healed. My wife received the Holy Communion that night, and a biopsy was carried out on Friday, with the miraculous results of no cancer. What a mighty God we believe in. 
(Fred Reyes, Eaglevale, 46274518)


My husband Dominic was found on the bathroom floor after a massive heart attack. He was admitted to Liverpool hospital with no improvement, after 2 weeks in a coma. The doctors gave up on him, and pronounced that he had brain damage that cannot be cured. His heart was on a machine and it was to be discontinued. The doctors requested that some one from the Church come, before the machine is turned off. Many came, some from overseas Italy. Bro Terry arrived with the Holy Eucharist, and asked everyone surrounding the bed to believe that Jesus could touch him and heal him. He was touched with the Holy Eucharist and Dominic opened his eyes and began to talk. He came out of the coma and was rehabilitated and later discharged. Just as Jesus promised for those "who believe all things are possible". (Maris Vitacor, Denham Court, 96183907)


I came to a C2TW Charismatic Prayer Meeting. I was in a lot of pain and turning of my head was extremely limited. When Bro Terry asked me if I believed Jesus wants to heal me, I said "yes, most certainly I believe". As he started to pray over me the healing power of Jesus came to me with a warm feeling of His power, completely setting me free. Ever since that day my cervical problem is gone. I believe in a Jesus who is alive here and now. (Josephine Punchbowl 97900158)


I am 26 years old and was hospitalized for an ingrown toenail operation gone wrong. I am also a diabetic. Because of this condition my leg was not healing, and the doctors talked about amputating my leg. I was scared stiff. What am I going to with one leg. My parents contacted Bro Terry, and he brought me Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, to the Bankstown Hospital. He reminded me, that everyone Jesus touched in Galilee, was healed, and Jesus was going to touch me right then and now, if I believed I will be healed. He even said before this weekend you would be discharged. My leg was healed and I was discharged that weekend. I believe in God who cares for me and will never let me down. (Sonia and George, Bass Hill 97231039)


Our young nephew Mohan a Hindu, an overseas student had cardiac arrest while driving a car, and went into a coma and was hospitalized at the Hornsby Coronary Care unit, Hornsby Hospital. He was in a coma and some friends advised us to attend a C2TW Charismatic Prayer Meeting in Hornsby that same evening. We are Hindus but we believe in the Christian God. Bro Terry gave us an assurance that God died for all mankind including Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims. If we believe there will be a miracle. We left at 8.30 with the assurance that Mohan will be out of his coma when we visit him tonight. Sure enough we visited Mohan and found him sitting on his bed out of his coma. We praise God.  
(Babani, Eastwood, 04122766101)


I knew what I was doing was wrong, and married a 2nd time after a first broken marriage. I could not go to Holy Communion and I was dying of cancer. A mess no one wanted to know. I spoke to Bro Terry and he took me to reconciliation and got me to separate from my 2nd marriage of 14 years and living in the same house, we now live as brother and sister. We both started to go back to the Sacraments and Church. I am now ready to die. Thank God for C2TW Charismatic Prayer Group that visits homes with serious problems like mine. God cares.  
(Pyn, 48 Mccauley St Bankstown)


I suffered nearly for year and visited a very renounced physician and had no cure but at my first C2TW Charismatic Prayer Meeting I was cured miraculously. Since then the pain disappeared. I praise the Lord and thank him well for healing me.  
(Queena Johnpulle, Guildford 96321004)